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Long Life Span, Multiple Points Of Discharge:
Brisk YTE spark plugs, by having 3 Electrodes, extends the life span and durability of spark plugs. Unlike similarly constructed E3 and Halo spark plugs, Brisk 3 Electrode spark plugs provide Open Fire Technology (TM) where the spark plug gaps are open for the air fuel mixture to reach the spark, and for the flame to grow into the combustion chamber more rapidly and with less restriction. Competitors spark plugs shrouds and restricts the air fuel mixture from easily reaching the spark, and also heavily restrict the direction in which the flame can grow and spread. The obstructive and massive E3 ground electrode also absorbs more heat from the initial flame growth and poorly dissipate the heat out of the electrode.

Brisk YTE spark plug 3 ground electrodes, have shorter path for heat to dissipate into the spark plug shell and into the cylinder head cooling system. 3 Electrodes, that are arranged individually, provide better protection against excessive heat accumulation in the ground electrode and limit the likeliness of dangerous pre-ignition. Having 3 Electrodes, the ignition spark is not always confined in one fixed place. Instead, it will occur at place most favorable for the ignition. The Spark always follows the path of least resistance, which is primarily effected by the concentration and flow of the air fuel mixture inside of the combustion chamber. The flow varies in correlation to the engines RPM, therefore, the spark fires to different electrodes at different times, which efficiently distributes the wear of the spark plug ground electrodes, improves efficiency and life span of the spark plug.

Brisk YTE spark plugs are an ideal choice for daily driven vehicles where slightly better fuel economy and gas mileage is desired, as well as for performance oriented applications, such as street performance, spec racing and stock racing.

No Spark Plug Indexing Is Required:
Spark plug is symmetrical, 3 electrodes are 120 degrees apart. Spark plugs come ready to install without the need for indexing or gaping.

If spark plug indexing is desired, 2 unwanted ground electrodes (of the 3 electrodes) can be carefully removed. The result will be a side gap plug with an electrode in desired spark plug orientation. This is not recommended, but can be performed by experienced and skilled racer. Caution! Under any circumstances, never excerpt any force on the spark plug center electrode! Spark plug, and/or spark plug insulator damage will occur!

Improved Performance & Fuel Economy:
Ground Electrodes are arranged in side gap configuration allowing for easy access of air/fuel mixture to the spark, this also reduces restriction of flame propagation in early stages of the combustion process. With the combination of easier access to the air/fuel mixture, and reduced restriction of flame propagation, this improves the utilization of the available energy which helps with better fuel economy and gas mileage.