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The XENTRY Connect is the latest diagnostic system from Mercedes Benz. It combines the latest XENTRY software with the XENTRY Connect Multiplexer, XENTRY Tab 2, and all necessary cables to provide complete vehicle diagnostics and programming functions.

The XENTRY Connect Multiplexer connects directly to the vehicle via the OBD II port and allows the XENTRY software to communicate with the vehicle using the XENTRY Tab 2. The XENTRY Connect Multiplexer can communicate with the XENTRY Tab 2 using a LAN cable or wirelessly.

• Integrated multiplexer and diagnostics functions
• Vehicle-related diagnosis for system stability
• Full-scale diagnostics across all ranges and categories
• Powerful hardware capabilities
• Long battery life
• Sunlight compatible display
• Open system with administration rights
• Lightweight and durable design

Kit Contents:
• XENTRY Connect Multiplexer
• XENTRY Tab 2
• OBD II 16-Pin Cable
• 38-Pin Cable
• 3-Pin Cable
• Sprinter Cable
• Tablet Charger (Power Supply)
• Carrying Case

Note: The XENTRY System is required for the W205 (2015 & newer
C-Class) and W222 (2014 & newer S-Class) chassis.