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The award-winning Prism is the world’s first alignment system to combine imaging alignment technology with portability. It provides dramatic productivity improvements and offers more features than conventional aligners – at a lower price. The Prism leverages a wireless communication system with BluetoothTM technology, cordless pods powered by Lithium Ion batteries, and components made from lightweight magnesium. The Prism combines advanced technology and affordability to take your alignment business to the next level.

Features & Specifications:
• Cutting-Edge Technology with Advanced Lightweight Components
• Comprehensive Manufacturer Database
• Advanced Customer Database with Backup/Restore
• Perform Alignments Quickly Anywhere in your Shop
• Reduce the Time Required to Perform Corrective Actions
• User-Friendly Interface with Easy-to-use Graphics
• Handle Virtually any Vehicle That Comes in the Shop
• Advanced Measurement Capabilities
• Cordless Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
• Bluetooth-Enabled Wireless Communication
• Optional Drive-On Camera Aid
• Optional Remote Display Readout
• Optional Universal Weel Clamp Ext. Kit