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The Vocom Communication Unit (P/N: 88890300) is the newest diagnostic interface for Volvo ®, UD Trucks ®, and Mack ® vehicles. It replaces the Volvo Communication Adapter (P/N: 88890180) as the Vovlo ® OEM interface. It provides technicians with complete diagnostic and reprogramming capabilities.

The Vocom Communication Unit has several useful functions and design features. These include a much more durable housing than the Volvo Communication Adapter. This increases reliability and longevity. Also, like the previous interface, the Vocom Communication Unit supports 802.11 wireless connectivity.

Kit Contents (P/N: 85137070):
· Vocom Communication Unit (P/N: 88890300)
· 9-Pin Cable (P/N: 88890302)
· 16-Pin OBD II Cable (P/N: 88890304)
· USB Cable (P/N: 88890305)

Optional Equipment:
· FCI Cable (P/N: 88890306)
· FCI to 6-Pin Adapter (P/N: 9809709)
· 9-Pin to 6-Pin Adapter (P/N: 85111614)