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The Vehicle Communication Module 3 (VCM3) is Ford's new Communication Module and is required for use of IDS, and is the recommended interface for use with both FDRS and FJDS.

The VCM3 is also capable of performing module reprogramming at increased speeds on vehicles that are soon to be released and are equipped with the new CAN-FD network.

Unlike the VCMII and VCMM, the VCM3 is capable of communicating on both the J1708 and J1939 networks. This allows for a higher level of diagnostics on Medium Duty Trucks when paired with the Rotunda Medium Duty Truck DLC adapter and manufacturer specific software.

Vehicle Communication Module 3 (VCM3) Part Number: 164-R9865

Kit includes:
• VCM3
• DLC cable
• Heavy duty USB cable
• Wireless adapter

You must have a CFR pendant to enable the CFR functionality. The CFR pendant is an accessory that allows technicians to capture and record specific vehicle data without requiring the presence of a laptop computer in the vehicle. The CFR pendant can be used for long test drives for hard-to-diagnose concerns, running on vehicle power there are no batteries to charge!

VCM 3 with Customer Flight Recorder (CFR) Kit Part Number: 164-R9867

Kit includes:
• 164-R9865 – VCM 3, VCM To Laptop Cable, USB Wireless Cards, and DLC Cable
• 164-R9806 – Customer Flight Recorder Pendant Kit

Click here for Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS).

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