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Hydra-Test VBT

The Hydra-Test VBT emulates the work of the control unit of the car gearbox hydraulics. In the Hydra-test, the output oil lines that extend from the valve body and turn on certain packages of the frictions and other mechanisms in a gearbox have pressure sensors installed in them taking readings in every time unit. Once the information is obtained and processed, the results are put in the form of graphs and tables with data that can be compared with the results of benchmark tests conducted on new, working valve bodies. Proper analysis of these data can provide a complete understanding of the status of the valve body, and most importantly, it will help to localize the source of the problem, if the tests of the valve body under rebuilding were far from ideal.

The diagnostic tool can accurately determine the source of the problem and the location of the faults. This only works if there are sensors and actuators with feedback in this array when the data from these mechanisms is processed by the computer. Often the diagnostic tool identifies the result of a malfunction and on the basis of the implemented transmission work algorithms and the diagnostic program itself determines the most probable source of the problem.

• CVT ready pump with a 60 Bar capability.
• High temperature heater control and dual monitor.
• Electronic proportional system pressure control valve.
• All in one cabinet/oil reservoir with a unique "hot tray" feature.
• Electronic gate valve.
• Simplified quick fit hose connections.
• Built in DVD drive and high specification 64 Bit PC with Windows    Professional.
• 24" Industrial grade touch screen panel mount monitor.
• Pre-written test scripts compiled by experienced "hands-on" valve    body re-builders.
• Free unrivaled back up support service included with every system.

• Side loading drain cabinet facility for test plates.
• Fitted stainless steel work/drain bench.
• Top printer and file storage shelf.
• Full size keyboard and mouse tray option.