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A very handy device that can be used to read immobilizer secret codes and for programming new keys to VW cars.


· VAG Kombi instrument / Immobilizer box eeprom programmer by OBD connector
· Direct USB to OBD Connection
· All hardware inside OBD connector
· Works on any computer that has USB port - No more virtual COM Ports
· This is a TRUE USB connection
· Windows XP compatible software
· Automatic functions: Repair dashboard, Read PIN code. All this by using the car own OBD connector, without disassembling dash or immobilizer box from car.


· Audi, Seat , Skoda and Volkswagen
· Audi A4,A6,A8 separate immobilizer box 1994-1999 read PIN code, and read/write eeprom.
· Audi A3, A4, A6, TT, New Beetle Magnetti Marelli M73 (1998-2002 year) read PIN code / change mileage
· New Beetle Magnetti Marelli M73 (2001 to 2005 year) read PIN code
· Almost all VDO dashes for VW/Seat/Skoda up to year 2004 read/write eeprom.
· Almost all VDO dashes for Audi up to year 2001 read/write eeprom.
· Almost all MotoMeter dashes for VW/Seat up to year 2001 read/write eeprom.
· VDO SEED-KEY protected dashes supported (This means: Passat B6, Bora/Jetta to 2004 year, Golf 4 to 2003 year,Skoda Octavia/Fabia to 2004 year , some Seat dashes up to 2002 year etc.)