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Brisk Turbo Racing Spark Plugs are designed to eliminate the erosion of the spark plug gap, which is primarily caused by performance and racing applications that have extreme cylinder pressures due to use of forced induction, nitrous or endurance style racing where the engine will be under wide open throttle conditions for extended periods of time. Sparkplugs center electrodes under these conditions can wear down causing the spark plug gap to become wider, which can lead to misfires under high load or peak pressures, this makes our turbo spark plugs the ideal solution for applications occuring these issues.

Reduces Number Of Imperfectly Ignited Cycles:
Imperfectly Ignited Cycles occur during transient modes, or better described as “times of rapid change”. These conditions occur briefly while accelerating or during deceleration, or while passing through a specific range of engine operation (RPM). By generating a fuller, and more consistent combustion rate, this greatly decreases the amount of air / fuel left behind un-burned. This, increases the amount of energy that is generated from the available air/fuel and creates less variation between each cycle in the combustion chamber, creating more power.

Extremely High Durability and Reliability:
Brisk Turbo racing spark plugs machined electrode design provides a fixed gap setting which greatly increases the spark plug durability, and protects the spark from high turbulence changes in the air. Utilizing a fixed gap setting on this plug makes it ideal for applications that have extremely high amounts of boost pressure, compression or nitrous, where conditions are likely to cause standard spark plug ground electrodes to open up due to cylinder pressure, flow, and heat. Eliminating the possibility of this occurring makes this plug extremely reliable for professional racing applications.

High Resistance Against Thermal Shock And Vibration
Utilizing a special Cone shaped ceramic increases the insulation between the spark plug shell and the center electrode increasing the dielectric strength of the spark plug. Higher Dielectric strength and superior heat dissipation helps prevent spark plug damage due to thermal shock. This special shape also helps with the weight distribution of the ceramic which is beneficial for durability and resistance to cylinder turbulence and vibrations. Special tapered integrated ground electrodes are able to with stand Extreme vibration applications as they are machined as part of the shell. Traditional style ground electrodes are welded on, being welded on makes the grounds much more likely to break or for the spark plug gap to open up due to vibration.

2 or 3 Progressively Tapered Ground Electrodes Are Integrated Into The Shell Producing Superior Heat Displacement:
Brisk Turbo racing spark plugs electrode design provides superior heat removal. The ground electrodes are machined as a part of the shell, where traditionally, standard spark plug ground electrodes are welded to the shell. This greatly increases the efficiency of the heat displacement properties.

Welded ground electrodes do not displace heat as efficiently as integrated ground electrodes. Integrated ground electrodes have heat displacement capabilities because the shell and grounds are made out of a single piece of metal. Welded Ground electrodes do not displace heat as efficiently, and over time, can open up the spark plug gap, especially in high boost, high compression and nitrous applications.

Silver spark plug electrodes transfer electricity & heat better than any other spark plug material resulting in the most powerful spark! This is beneficial for a full complete combustion of the available fuel and air in the combustion chamber, combustion efficiency creates horsepower gains.