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The Toyota ® TIS Techstream 2.0 combines scan tool diagnostics and TIS into a single, portable diagnostic tool. It uses a Drew Technologies Vehicle Interface Module (VIM) to provide connectivity between the Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 and the vehicle. The entire system is mounted and contained on the Snap-on Backpack designed specifically for the Techstream 2.0.

· Vehicle Support: 1996 & newer vehicles
· Ability to Store and Transfer Vehicle Data
· Wireless Access
· Integrated TIS Service Information
· View Current, Pending and History DTCs Simultaneously
· View Monitor Status Result and Details Simultaneously
· Fast Data Transfer Rate
· Vehicle Reprogramming Utility
· High-Resolution Graphing Capability
· Integrated Cable Wrap
· Day Light Visible Touch Screen
· Charge from AC or DC source
· Durable and Rugged
· Automatic Vehicle Identification
· One Touch Vehicle Status Report (Health Check)
· Includes two ACC Cables

Kit Contents (P/N: TS2UNITM3AMP):
· Panasonic Toughbook CF-31
· Snap-on Backpack
· Techstream 2.0 Software with 2 Year TIS Professional Subscription
· AC/DC Power Supply
· Drew Technologies Vehicle Interface Module