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The Lexus ® TIS TechStream is an integrated PC-based diagnostic platform. It combines service information and scan tool diagnostics. The kit includes a Panasonic® Toughbook, Denso® vehicle interface module (VIM), docking station and a 2 year professional subscription to the Toyota® TIS website.

Kit Contents (P/N: TSUNT):
· Panasonic ® ToughBook CF-19
· DENSO ® Vehicle Interface Module (VIM)
· Snap-on ® Backpack (P/N: EAA0341B00A)
· Snap-on ® Docking Station (P/N: EAA0341B12A)
· DLC 3 Cable (P/N: EAW0272B00A)
· Power Supply & AC Cable (P/N: 3-05206A01 & 6-06421A)
· Accessory Kit (P/N: EEMS321A)
  - Carrying Case (P/N: 2-02765A)
  - TIS TechStream User Guide
  - DLC 1 & 2 Cable (P/N: 2-11142A)
  - Drive Recorder Trigger Switch (P/N: 2-11242A)
  - Cigarette-lighter Power Adapter (P/N: 2-11142A)
  - Stylus Pen (P/N: 3-05206A02)
  - Screen Protector (P/N: 3-05206A04)
  - External DVD Drive
· Wall Mount Kit (Optional) (P/N: EEMS321A02)