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The Bartec Tech500 includes all of the features found in the Tech400SD as well as many new benefits.

The Cubelec is an add-on for the Tech500 that allows technicians to program CUB aftermarket sensors.

· Bluetooth® communications to PC (Bluetooth® Dongle included)
· Wi-Fi connectivity to the TPMS Desktop
· Inductive Charging (Pad included)
· Robust, all-in-one design and OBD II Cable
· Market leading expanded OBD II coverage including: Chrysler, Ford,
  GM, Mitsubishi, and Volvo
· Advance RKE (Key Fob) Testing for "iKey" and similar systems
· Process-Driven Menu Flow
· Aftermarket Sensor Programming
· On-board TPMS service information
· Standard RKE (Key Fob) and UHF detection
· Diagnostic Trouble-Code Detection (DTG)
· Original Equipment sensor coverage
· Bartec Audit Report

· Display: OLEO 2.375" i< 1.5"
· Interface (s):
  - USB: Charging, data,and updating
  - DB15: OBD II
· Communication to vehicle
· Total Kit Weight: 5 lbs
· Lithium ion, rechargeable, inductive charging battery