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The TECH400SD has market leading coverage for the diagnosis and repair of TPMS. Using its OBD cable, the TECH400SD can diagnose problems and reset the TPMS control module of domestic and import vehicles. It can also quickly activate the TPMS Sensors during a domestic car relearn.

Removable Media Updating
Fitted to the top of the TECH400SD is an SD Card slot. Using a commonly available SD card loaded with tool software, the end user no longer needs a PC, laptop, or internet connection to update their tool. Simply insert the SD card and follow the on screen instructions and within seconds the TECH400SD is up to date and ready to use.

On-board Relearn Procedures
One of the most crucial Tech400SD features are TPMS relearn procedures. Now technicians will have all the necessary instructions to properly relearn, reset, or program a vehicle’s TPMS. Valuable data like sensor part numbers and technical specifications are readily available in the Tech400SD's database.

The Tech400SD is also capable or programming EZ-Sensors. Combined with all the other functions, this makes the Tech300SD a complete TPMS solution.

Features & Specifications:
· Accurate and current database of vehicle TPMS sensors
· Part Number database
· Programs EZ-sensors
· Removable SD Card for computer-free updating
· On-screen data reporting
· VIN and DTC detection
· Printable audit reports
· OBD II connectivity
· Key Fob and RF signal detection
· Long lasting rechargeable battery
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