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The Tazer is a plug-in tuning device for Chrysler vehicles. It offers several performance upgrades for various Chrysler and Dodge vehicles in an easy to use and portable device. Please see below for a list of some features as well as an application list.

Features & Functions:
· Enable factory Sport Mode for 5 speed vehicles – enables “sport”
  Uconnect radio button (2012-2014)
· Enable factory Sport Mode for 8 speed vehicles – change PRNDL to
  PRNDS (2012-2015)
· Enable SRT performance pages on 8.4 Uconnect radio screen
· Enable SRT performance timers in EVIC display (2012-2016 Charger,
  300 & Challenger)
· Enable support of added factory paddle shifters (2012-2016)
· Enable the addition of factory fog lights
· Enable the addition of factory backup camera and grid lines
· Disable in-motion lockout of navigation address entry
· Disable Daytime Running Light Dropout (when DRL shuts off while
  turn signal is on)
· Disable Fog Light Dropout (when high beams are on)
· Disable seat belt reminder chime
· Enable aux video/audio for front camera and/or external video
  source (Requires extra wiring for video inputs)
· Enable factory Shift Light function (2015+ Challenger & Charger)
· Force AWD mode – for AWD cars/trucks, can keep in AWD or RWD, or
  return to normal automatic operation
· Line Lock – Uses ABS solenoids to lock the front wheels for burnouts
  at the track or just for fun (AWD forced off during use)
· AutoUpshift – Tazer will Upshift vehicle in AutoStick at a user-defined
  RPM trip point. Can be set using ZPU or via steering wheel buttons
  on-the-fly (requires the use of Sport Mode and 5 speed transmission
  which is built into 2012-2014 models only)
· Steering Wheel Shifting – Driver can manually shift through gears
  using steering wheel cruise +/- buttons (Not available on 8-speed
· Fully disable/re-enable ESP by pressing ESP button for 7 seconds
· Peak RPM Display
· Display 0-30 or 0-60 times on EVIC display (for 2011 that can’t enable
  SRT pages)
· Reset Adaptives – Reset TCM learned shift adaptives on-the-fly
· Light Show mode – 6 Light shows that flashes all the exterior lights,
  perfect for car shows. Control from Keyfob or steering wheel buttons.
· Clear CELs

· 2011-2016 Charger & 300 (5 or 8 speed, Base V6 through Hellcat)
· 2015-2016 Challenger (M6 or A8, Base V6 through Hellcat)
· 2014-2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
· 2014-2016 Dodge Durango