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Single Gun Welding Stand

Model Number: SV 10.004

Welding Stand with a movable arm with three axes and the one latch for all axes. Simplifies finding the best position of the welding torch relatively to the converter. This model does not have an automatic approach of the burner towards the Torque Converter in comparison with SV 10.005. Equipped with an automatic spindle stop when it touches the Torque Converter body. Additional control buttons of the welding cycle and the position of the upper spindle that hold the Torque Converter hub are on the main body of the welding stand. Speeds up the process of welding.

• Power Supply Voltage: 9.7 V
• Power, Consumed by Stand: 380 kW
• Net Weight: 948 lbs. (430 kg)
• Max. Diameter of Torque Converter: 17.7" (450 mm)
• Max. Height Between Chucks: 9.8" (250 mm)
• Dimensions: 79.3" x 44.1" x 29.5"
                    (2015 x 1120 x 750 mm)
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