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The PDT Heartbeat 1001 is the premier parasitic drain tester for 12V automotive applications. It can identify problems with the vehicle that are causing premature failures which results in incorrect diagnosing.

Automotive technicians will instantly elevate their skill level to new heights with the PDT Heartbeat 1001. Simple to use and reliable, it is like having an electrical expert by your side when you are working on older as well as the ever more challenging electrical systems in today's vehicles.

It is durable, waterproof (IP65 rated) and is rated to handle temperature changes. It is easy to hold and use whether right or left handed and the handle allows for easy mobility while the padded feet let it sit on any surface. There is an option to mount the case and the battery compartment is easily accessed from the back for replacement as necessary. Housed in the PDT Heartbeat 1001 is the latest in technology featuring "Eve", an award-winning Embedded Video Engine which allows for a resistive type touch screen that is interactive with display by touch.

Click here to see the demonstrative video on the PDT heartbeat 1001.