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The NFG-2500 is full-service nitrogen generator that allows for simple and efficient tire inflation. With the push of a button, it generates its own nitrogen for up to six tires eliminating the need for tanks. The NFG-2500 can also automatically deflate tires using purge cycles and then fill them with nitrogen.

The NFG-2500 produces 98.5 - 99.9% nitrogen at 10 CFM. It has a 20 gallon storage tank and can inflate up to 6 tires simultaneously. At the end of service, the NFG-2500 tests and displays the percentage of nitrogen in each tire. This eliminates the need for a separate nitrogen tester.

The NFG-2500 is ideal for any environment with its small, light and durable construction. Combined with its fast service time and battery that lasts 22 hours, it can meet any needs.

Proudly manufactured in U.S.A.
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