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The New Trasdata is a unique tool supporting bench reading and programming operations on all microprocessors utilized in the automotive field. BDM, JTAG, BOOT mode, all are made available. The tool offers strategic features such as self-identification of the plug-in required, possibility to operate on the whole ECU firmware (CPU, flash Eprom and Eeprom) or part of it, ECU cloning, and checksum recalculation, etc. Using the two positioning frames and some specific terminal adapters, operations can be performed without any soldering or desoldering.

New Trasdata supports a wide range of vehicles and ECUs provided with a variety of CPUs (microprocessors) like:
· Infineon TriCore
· STMicroelectronics
· Motorola
· Renesas
· NEC / Denso
· Mitsubishi

The New Trasdata and New Genius combine to offer the highest tuning potential and provide the most complete vehicle coverage on the market.