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MongoosePro Ford is a low-cost, high-performance reprogramming and security vehicle interface for Ford vehicles. It has been validated and approved by Ford for use with Motorcraft Ford Module Programming Software. The MongoosePro Ford offers a wide range of capabilities to help you grow your business and retain customers including:

• All Module Flash Programming
• PATS Key programming
• Basic Diagnostics Functions

• MongoosePro Ford supports module reprogramming using Ford's
   Module Programming (FMP) software.
• Technicians can use Mongoose for PATS for security key systems.

• Using the J2534 toolbox (included with the purchase of Mongoose),
   technicians can perform basic OBD2 diagnostics.
• Technicians can access enhanced powertrain PIDS by purchasing
   DashDAQ-PC software

The MongoosePro Ford is a laptop based pass-thru vehicle network interface that connects directly to the vehicle’s OBD II connector. It offers fast and reliable J-2534 reprogramming at an affordable price.

The MongoosePro is also available for Acura, Audi, Chrysler, General Motors, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Toyota, Scion, and Volkswagen.

Please see the WIZARD for OEM programming of all makes and models as well as OEM diagnostics for selected manufacturers.