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The Bosch MMD 540H Hybrid Multimeter is a CAT III safety rated, auto ranging digital multimeter designed for automotive diagnostics and electrical troubleshooting. Whether your shop services automotive, fleet, motorcycle, marine or small engine, the MMD 540H has the capability to keep up with your business.

The MMD 540H offers:
• CAT III (1000v) safety rating for hybrid vehicle circuits
• Peak, Min/Max readings as fast as 1 millisecond
• Higher amperage test ranges, up to 20 Amps
• Inductive RPM clamp for conventional and DIS ignition systems
• K-Type thermocouple for quick temperature measurement
• Large LCD display with bright backlighting and auto shutdown
• Tri-lingual users manual on CD (English, Spanish, French)
• Rugged nylon case with handle for efficient storage

The MMD 540H kit includes:
• Nylon storage case with handle
• Extra long test leads
• Inductive RPM clamp
• Additional fused diagnostic test leads for ATC and Mini fuse types
• K-type thermocouple
• 9 volt battery
• CD based, tri-lingual users guide

                     NOT FOR SALE IN NORTH AMERICA.