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The M2K Line SPI is a pass-through breakout box for OBD II connectors. By magnifying and extending the connection terminals, the Line SPI makes probing faster and simpler. With the extension cable, the Line SPI allows a technician to place the box in a more practical place for testing. It also prevents the DLC terminals from being damaged from probes or leads.

The Line SPI has clear labels allowing for simple identification of each terminal's function. It also features LEDs to indicate power, communication activity, and grounds. The Line SPI features banana sockets to accommodate most types of leads and probes.

In addition to scan tool functions, the Line SPI allows for technicians to test voltages and ohms of any pin. It also provides quick access to a safe and convenient power source and chassis ground. Using a polyfuse, the Line SPI protects against damage to a scan tool caused by power fluctuations.