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Model Number: KMC8010
• Refrigerant Type: R134a
• Vacuum Rate: 6.8 CFM (3.2 L/sec)
• Recovery Rate: 23.3 oz/min (11 g/sec)
• Charging Rate: 80 oz/min (38 g/sec)
• Accuracy: ±0.035 oz (±1 g)
• Work tank Capacity: 22.3 lb (10 kg)
• Refrigerant Capacity: 216 lb (98 kg)

• Printer
• Leak test by vacuuming
• Fully automatic
• 8" Touch screen, digital gauges, any language, latest database
• Nine sensors, for work tank, inject oil bottle, drain oil bottle and so on. So now refrigerant charged, oil injected and drained are all measured accurately
• High Visibility LCD with Simple Controls for Easy Operation and. Readings
• PC software shows current working status directly. All maintenance data is recorded for further analysis's.
• Recover, vacuum, charger, recycle, drain oil and inject oil, leak test can be combined and selected arbitrarily, then press START, then all selected functions will be completed automatically(fully automatic)
• Recovered refrigerant accords with SAE standard
• Separate oil from refrigerant and drain it
• Automatically removes incondensable gases in refrigerant
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