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Iridium Is 6X Harder & 8X Stronger Than Platinum:
Iridium is an extremely durable material that extends the spark plug lifetime by reducing spark plug gap erosion.

Low Ignition Voltage Requirements Make For Easier Starts:
Makes your ignition system components (ignition module, ignition coil, ignition wires) last much longer. This is achieved by utilizing an optimized diameter of the spark plug center electrode, along with sharp edges of the cut back ground electrode. This spark plug design is beneficial in applications where the stock ignition system is pushed to the limit in modified power applications, helping to eliminate the need to upgrade ignition coil.

Spark Plug Lower Required Supplied Ignition Voltage is also beneficial for easier cold starts and operation under partially fouled spark plug condition caused by prolonged idling, A/F management problems or oil consumption.

Ideal Choice As Long Lasting OEM Spark Plug Performance Upgrade:
Spark Plug Iridium contact on the copper cored center electrode assures a long change interval. When utilizing an Yttrium Alloy enriched ground strap with copper core, it reduces the wear of electrodes which greatly increases the lifespan of the spark plug by preserving the spark gap.

Cut Back Ground Strap For Maximum Spark Exposure:
The spark plug ground electrode is cut-back to the center of the center electrode which maximizes spark exposure, this helps with cold starts and does not hinder the flame front propagation into combustion chamber.

Dual Copper Core Electrodes For More Energy:
Spark plug Copper core ground electrode provides better heat dissipation from the ground strap, reduces the temperature by about 212°F (100°C) which reduces the chance of pre-ignition and detonation, as well as reduces the ground strap hi-temperature burn-off and extends the service life of the spark plug. Copper is the second best conductor of electricity, ensuring minimal loss of energy producing a very potent spark.

Special ground strap construction, which is alloyed with Yttrium, reduces the wearing (burning off) of electrodes, and helps displace the accumulated heat more efficiently. Other manufacturers implement a spot welded Platinum contact point on the ground strap electrode which does not displace heat effectively and can potentially lead to pre-ignition or detonation.

Nickle/Zinc Coating Provides Superior Corrosion Protection:
The spark plug surface protection Zn/Ni extends the resistance to spark plug corrosion and helps prevent the spark plug from seizing in the cylinder head. The Zn/Ni surface coating is considered the best in the industry.