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The HP Tuners VCM Suite provides comprehensive tuning capabilities. It includes the MPVI Interface and tuning software.

Using the Flash Utility software, the VCM Pro Interface can flash the VCM/PCM on a wide variety of vehicles. It can also read and store existing VCM/PCM flashes for easy recovery.

The software allows adjustments and modifications to the saved flash files. It can modify all parameters including: spark, fuel, fan temperatures, transmission shift points, speedometer settings & RPM limiters. This allows for complete and thorough VCM/PCM image reflashing.

The Scanner Utility software is an OBD II scanning and diagnostic tool. It can read, display and log diagnostic data in real time. It can also read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and other vehicle information. It can control several functions in real time including: fans, closed loop, gear select, timing & air-fuel ratio (AFR).