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The Honda® Diagnostic System includes the GNA600 Vehicle Communication Interface and PC software package compatible with HIM, GNA and the MVCI. Combining the GNA with the Honda® approved software and a laptop with proper specifications, a technician will have a reliable, easy-to-use and competitively priced tool that provides rapid and accurate diagnostic information for vehicles.

Kit Contents:
· GNA 600 Interface Unit (P/N: TDS35540000)
· USB PC Interface Cable (P/N: TDS35525406)
· DLC Cable (P/N: TDS35541433)
· Power Supply Unit (P/N: TDS60678010)
· Power Supply Cord (P/N: TDS35481214)
· Trigger Switch (P/N: TDS35541359)
· Trigger Switch Adapter (P/N: TDS35541434)
· PC Interface Ethernet Adapter (Optional) (P/N: TDS35541441)
· 256 PCMCIA Memory Card (Optional) (P/N: SSDP25M3012)

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Installation & Set-up