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Smoke Wizard® GLD-40 is an automotive diagnostic smoke machine that combines pressure and vacuum style Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System leak detection capabilities with general purpose leak detection functions.

It is capable of monitoring and testing EVAP system pressure and vacuum and comparing them to the fuel tank pressure sensor to provide even quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

The GLD-40 can also test system integrity using a pressure or vacuum decay test.It uses OEM EVAP Approved UltraTraceUV® dye smoke solution to pinpoint the exact leak location.The GLD-40 internal filter protects its components and the vehicle when using shop air as the pressure source.

· Monitor and Detect .010” Standard
· Test Natural Vacuum EVAP Systems
· Easy to Read Flow Control Knob Position
· Vacuum and Pressure Decay Gauge
· Compact and Portable Design
· Find Leaks Using Smoke and Ultra-Violet Dye
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