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The FGA-4500 is an automotive digital gas analyzer, capable of measuring five gases including HC (Hydrocarbons), CO (Carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), O2 (Oxygen) and NOX (Nitric Oxide). Certified to BAR and OIML standards, this gas analyzer provides a portable, accurate and reliable solution for every tune-up and automotive mechanic shop. The FGA4500 can instantaneously calculate Air to Fuel Ratio (AFR), Lambda (λ), Grams per Mile (GPM) or Grams per Kilometer (GPK) in real time. It can also be attached to a tachometer and read engine speeds up to 30,000 RPM.

The FGA-4500 5 gas, digital gas analyser equipment designed for analyzing automobile gasoline or diesel engine exhaust gas for emission test. Its sensitivity, selectivity, accuracy and reliability makes the analyzer suitable for use in a host of non-automotive gas analyzer applications as well.

Equipment designed and manufactured by Infrared Industries in the USA exclusively for M2K.