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The BAT 151 is an electrical system diagnostic analyzer with advanced battery and starter system testing. The BAT 151 is a highly advanced, easy-to-use, and reliable electrical diagnostic tool perfectly suited for today’s modern automotive service center. By combining direct temperature measurement with deep scan technology, the BAT 151 is reliable, precise, and more accurate than the competition.

With an optional integrated printer and amp clamp, the BAT 151 helps technicians make better informed decisions regarding vehicle battery and electrical system issues. Better decisions equals better service. Better service equals better business. Capabilities include: battery testing, starter testing, charging system testing, DMM functions, cable drop technology.

Base kit includes tester, battery clamps, stud adapter set and carrying case.

• Advanced battery testing
• Enhanced starter system testing
• Improved alternator diagnostics
• Cable drop verification testing
• Expandable platform—eliminate costly tool obsolescence
• Dynamic Conductance Battery Testing Technology
• Enhanced Starter Diagnostics Including Optional Amp Clamp
• Advanced Electrical Diagnostics Featuring Digital Signal Processing
• Conductance Cable Verification Test
• Complete Multimeter with Scope Mode
• Enhanced Communication Capabilities
• Program Management Tools
• Improved User Interface

                     NOT FOR SALE IN NORTH AMERICA.