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The BA-2012 is a gas-analyzer-in-a-box that is operated and controlled through the use of InfraView Software on your computer. It includes the IR-510 NDIR optical bench and pneumatic package (pump to draw in the sample and filter to clean it). Its compact size offers tremendous flexibility and opportunity to include a gas analyzer in countless applications.

The BA-2012 includes the IR-510 NDIR optical bench which is fast responding, highly accurate, and highly reliable. It offers great design flexibility due to its small size and low power consumption. The enhanced optics and electronics dramatically reduce zero drift after the initial warm-up period. Temperature and pressure compensation eliminate the major causes of span drift found in many other NDIR instruments.

The software and communications protocol are designed to make system integration simple and fast. The command set has the flexibility to provide a variety of output configurations including pneumatic controls, printers, measurement data, and selected displays. The system monitors and corrects for critical operating parameters that affect performance and provides real-time status of the overall integrity and quality of the gas measurement.

InfraView Software is bundled with the BA-2012. It is a Windows-based program that allows remote control and display of up to eight different gas analyzers or benches from one PC console. In addition to displaying current and logged results as raw data, the program offers full-featured graphical abilities.

The BA-2012 interfaces to a PC for complete control, display, and graphing capability using InfraView Software. Recording of the output data within the bench itself allows the measurements to be replayed and analyzed at a later time.

The BA-2012 also has a protected detector for accuracy and longevity, integrated DC pump and solenoid drivers, graphic LCD driver, quick-clean sample cell design, and is DC powered and portable.

Features & Specifications:
• Includes a pneumatic package.
• Includes IR-510 NDIR Optical Bench.
• Operated and controlled through your PC with InfraView Software.
• Compact and self-contained.
• Measure up to three gases simultaneously with NDIR. Two auxiliary
   chem cell sensor inputs are also available. These can be customized
   at the production facility.
• Long life, rugged, insensitive to vibration.
• Solid state digitally modulated IR source utilizing no moving parts.
• Eliminates the need for costly and fragile gold foil linings in the
   sample cells, reducing maintenance cost.
• Synchronous demodulation and automatic gain control minimize the
   influences of temperature and line voltage variations.
• Semi-automated, requiring no tool or adjustments to make.