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Automated Dual Gun Welding Stand

Model Number: SV 20.002

Automated welding machine with two welding torches. Automatically approaches Torque Converter being welded. Automatically stops when the upper shaft touches the body of Torque Converter. At the beginning of welding cycle, torches, previously set up in the desired position, are applied to the body and after welding automatically return to the starting position. The repair process of Torque Converters can be significantly faster using this stand.

• Power Supply Voltage: 9.7 V
• Power, Consumed by Stand: 380 kW
• Net Weight: 105.3 lbs. (480 kg)
• Max. diameter of torque converter: 17.7" (450 mm)
• Max. height between chucks: 9.8" (250 mm)
• Dimensions: 79.3" x 44.1" x 39.3"
                    (2100 x 1120 x 998 mm)

Click here to watch a demonstrational video for the SV 20.002.
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