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Air Test Stand

Model Number: SG 50.500

The Air Test Stand quickly and conveniently detects possible leaks of ATF in welded joints or other places, where the body of torque converter is broken. There is excessive pressure created inside a torque converter. The air test stand immerses the torque converter in water. The presence of bubbles indicates possible leaks. All mechanisms are pneumatically operated by an air compressor. An additional set of tools for checking the tightness of impeller hub weld allows checking the pump cover before welding of the whole converter.

• Air Requirements: 116.0 PSI (8 BAR)
• Net Weight: 156.5 lbs (71 kg)
• Dimensions: 74.1" x 38.5" x 20.8"
                  (1883 x 978 x 529 mm)

Click here to watch a demonstrational video for an Air Test Stand.
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