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The Autel ADAS provides technicians with the most advanced and comprehensive driver assistance system tool available. Using state-of-the-art techniques in an easy-to-use system, the Autel ADAS facilitates repairs and calibrations of driver assistance systems found on 2015 and newer vehicles.

The ADAS Frame Package is the basis for all other ADAS packages. It includes the frame assembly, positioning and alignment equipment, and some LDW & ACC components. Please see below attachments for detailed kit contents.

Supported Systems:
- Lane Departure Warning & Assist (LDW)
- Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
- Collision Avoidance

Optional Add-ons:
- Ford AVM Patterns
- Porsche AVM Pattern
- VW & Audi AVM patterns

Autel ADAS packages require a compatible MaxiSys Tablet with ADAS functionality. Please see the ADAS MaxiSys Tablet or the ADAS Tablet Upgrade for more information.