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We carry all replacement parts and accessories for the OEM GM ® diagnostic tools, the Tech 2 and the MDI including: CANdi modules; cables; adapters; and memory cards.

TIS software for ECU reprogramming and tester updates can be purchased directly from AC Delco ®.

Tech 2 CANdi Module (P/N: 01002844 / 03000164):
The CANdi Module is required for the Tech 2 when performing diagnostics on CAN equipped vehicles. It connects from the Tech 2 DLC cable to a vehicle's OBD connector.

Tech 2 VCI (P/N: 02002948 / 03000119):
The Tech 2 VCI is necessary for Tech 2 operation. It is inserted into the bottom of the Tech 2 and connects to either the Tech 2 DLC Cable or Tech 2 DLC Loopback Adapter.

Tech 2 DLC Cable (P/N: 02003214 / 03000095):
The Tech 2 DLC Cable connects the Tech 2 Interface to the appropriate adapter and in turn to the vehicle.

Tech 2 PC Interface Kit (P/N: 01001089):
The PC Interface Kit connects compatible interface kits to a PC allowing for several functions including software updates. This kit uses a computer's serial port (P/N: 03000110 & 03000111). For USB connectivity, an additional adapter is required (P/N: 03006727-001).

Tech 2 SAE 16/19-Pin Adapter (P/N: 02002955 / 03000098):
The SAE 16/19-Pin Adapter allows for communication with some 1994 - 1995 and all 1996 and newer North American GM ® vehicles.

Tech 2 12-Pin 12/19 NAO Adapter (P/N: 02002961 / 03000099):
The 12-Pin 12/19 NAO Adapter allows for communication with GM ® vehicles equipped with 12-Pin ALDL through 1993 and some. It also supports some 1994 - 1995 GM ® vehicles equipped with 12-Pin ALDL.

Tech 2 DLC Loopback Adapter (P/N: 02002953 / 03000109):
The DLC Loopback Adapter is used to run diagnostic self-tests on the Tech 2's DLC port.

Tech 2 PCMCIA 32 MB Card (P/N: 02002994-001 / 03000118):
These PCMCIA 32 MB Cards contain the software necessary to perform diagnostics using the Tech 2. Each card can contain diagnostic software for a different GM ® subdivision.

Tech 2 Isuzu 24V Adapter Type-II (P/N: THA-10):
This is required when using the Tech 2 on Isuzu vehicles with a 24-Volt electrical system.

MDI DLC Cable (P/N: 03000211):
The MDI DLC Cable connects the MDI to the appropriate adapter and in turn to the vehicle.