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The PicoScope 4423 is a 4 channel oscilloscope designed to save you time and money by making it easier and quicker to diagnose faults on today’s modern vehicles. The high ±100 V input range of the PicoScope 4423 eliminates the need for external attenuators for most vehicle tests.

Thanks to the familiar graphical user interface, help files and reference library, using the PicoScope 4423 diagnostic oscilloscope is as easy as ever. The fast sampling speeds, large memory and bandwidth of the PicoScope 4423 make it capable of diagnosing faults with complex electrical and electronic systems for future vehicles.

• Up to 80 MS/s real-time sample rate
• Up to 20 MHz bandwidth
• 32,000,000 sample memory
• 100 V maximum input
• No power supply required
• USB 2.0 connection for fast screen updates
• Protected against overloads and short circuits
• CAN bus and FlexRay compatible
• Use with any vehicle
• Includes PicoScope Automotive software
• Free software updates