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This valve train kit will supply you with all the compatible parts to upgrade the valve train on your performance engine. The Pro 2RZ / 3RZ kit includes stainless steel (stock size) valves, Street Performer valve springs, Street Performer retainers, hardened keepers, and Viton valve seals. This kit is a perfect upgrade for use with stock cams or Stage 1 LCE cams.

Intake & Exhaust Valves
These swirl-polished valves have all of the features of our oversized valves, but don't require the bowl and chamber work to unshroud the valves. These stainless steel valves are lighter than the stock steel valves and have a special anti-friction coating to promote better airflow across the valve as well as reduced resistance in the guide, resulting in better valvetrain stability.

Street Valve Springs
These springs offer a higher spring pressure than stock springs. The raised spring pressure will allow your engine to rev faster and higher than with stock springs.

Hardened Keepers
Hardened Valve Keepers fit all 6mm valves using stock Toyota retainers or our Pro Titanium Retainers. A must for high rpm applications.

Viton Valve Seals
Viton Valve Seals are the latest in valve seal material, surpassing Teflon. Heat resistant to 440° degrees, they eliminate oil consumption through the valve guide and provide smoother engine idling by stopping manifold air and oil leakage past the seal. They insure a perfect seal for maximum performance and long engine life.

Stock Head Components
With this kit, you will reuse your stock Toyota retainer and the stock spring seat.