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The newest version of SBC battery maintainers feature a completely new design. This includes every aspect of the maintainer from the cables and clamps to the internal circuitry and the displays.

The SBC-110-100 Battery Maintainer is capable of outputting 100 amps of clean current at over 14 volts. It is designed to provide ample voltage and current when performing vehicle diagnostics and flash reprogramming.

These new maintainers feature Voltage and Amperage displays on the front of the unit. Like the previous versions, the new maintainers are completely maintenance free and perform in all types of conditions.

The SBC-110-100 boasts a light-weight, portable design. It features quick disconnect terminals between the unit and the battery cables. The battery cables are made using flexible and durable welding cable and battery clamps that are corrosion resistant and are insulated to prevent shocks and sparks.

The SBC-110-100 a 100 amp battery charger/maintainer designed for 110 volt power sources with a standard 3 prong USA outlet.